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Invoice not paid?

Together we will find a convienient and easy solution.
We also offer installment payments.

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Who we are and
why we have contacted you

We are a licensed collection agency. We help companies by collecting their outstanding invoices.

We contacted you because our client is still waiting for payment of his invoice from you. We help to find a common solution.

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What exactly is debt collection
and how does it work?

A debt collection process occurs when a customer has not paid on time and National Inkasso is hired to help with the collection process.

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You have purchased a product or used a service, but not yet paid for it?

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Our client has asked us to remind you of the payment.

Now the goal is to find an amicable solution to end the collection process.

If no out-of-court settlement can be found, we are forced to advise our client to initiate legal proceedings against you. This will result in higher costs for you.

Avoid this by paying now!

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Our service to support you!

To end the process for you as soon as possible and get you debt free, you have our full support.

We offer a variety of payment options for you

We have made the payment process as simple as possible for you. Choose your preferred payment method and become debt free today.

Payment options

We offer installments starting from 9€ per month

The amount is too high for you to pay in once? Take advantage of our installment plan to become debt-free step by step.

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End you collection process
in only 3 steps:


Log in to the client portal to pay your invoice.


Choose your preferred
means of payment.


The collection process
is finished and you are debt free!

Pay your outstanding bill now
and become debt free

Log in to the client portal to pay your bill.

Pay your bill now and become debt free

Log in to the client portal to pay your bill.

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